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ERPEL: Enabling Seamless Ad-hoc Cross Enterprise Collaborations

C. Huemer, G. Kappel, P. Liegl, R. Schuster, H. Werthner, M. Topf, D. Mayrhofer, M. Zapletal, P. Krenn
Proceedings of the Annual SRII Global Conference 2012
Speech with proceedings
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Business Informatics
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Information and Communication Technology
In this paper we present the ERPEL approach towards executing on-the-fly e-business transactions between semantically enabled ERP systems. By on-the-fly e-business transactions we understand transactions that are conducted between companies, that are not yet in a partnership and dynamically find each other to engage in e-business transactions. Finding an appropriate business partner requires to know his business capabilities or in other words which products or services he offers. For this purpose, we develop a seamless integration of the product portfolios, held in the ERP systems, into the ERPEL registry. A search in the registry has to disclose the technical capabilities of a potential business partner to ensure interoperability. Overloaded business document standards and a variety of different communication protocols hamper an effective communication between enterprises. Thus, ERPEL follows a bottom-up approach starting from core documents with well-defined extension mechanisms. Furthermore, ERPEL comes with a default communication protocol specifically targeting SMEs. These unambiguous specifications allow the development of business service interfaces (BSI) that are integrated into the ERP systems.
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