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General-Purpose Graphics Processing Units in Service-Oriented Architectures

M. Calatrava Moreno, T. Auzinger
Proceedings of the 6th IEEE International Conference on Service Oriented Computing and Applications
1 - 8
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Media Informatics and Visual Computing
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Information and Communication Technology
Over the last decades, graphics processing units have developed from special-purpose graphics accelerators to general-purpose massively parallel co-processors. In recent years they gained increased traction in high performance computing as they provide superior computational performance in terms of runtime and energy consumption for a wide range of problems. In this survey, we review their employment in distributed computing for a broad range of application scenarios. Common characteristics and a classification of the most relevant use cases are described. Furthermore, we discuss possible future developments of the use of general purpose graphics processing units in the area of service-oriented architecture. The aim of this work is to inspire future research in this field and to give guidelines on when and how to incorporate this new hardware technology.
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