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On Mapping Business Document Models to Core Components

C. Pichler, M. Strommer, P. Liegl
IEEE Computer Society
Proceedings of the 43th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
1 - 10
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Hidden Keywords: 
top-down business document standards, bottom-up business document standards, mapping business document standards, mapping heuristics, XML Schema mapping, UN/CEFACT's Core Components, UML Profile for Core Components
Department Focus: 
Business Informatics
TU Focus: 
Information and Communication Technology
Today, there exists a huge variety of business document models for electronic data exchange among business partners used in business-to-business, business-to-government, as well as government-to-government business transactions. Thus, it becomes inevitable to process differing document models in daily business, unless a commonly agreed standard is developed. However, even if a commonly agreed standard exists, a multitude of different document definitions will still be existent in the short-term. Incompatibilities between old document formats and the newly introduced document models are the consequence. To cope with various document models and formats we propose a heuristic approach that leverages interoperability by mapping common document models to the conceptual Core Components model introduced by UN/CEFACT. To successfully complete this mapping task we define a set of rules that may be applied to XML Schema based document models.
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