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Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems
Vienna University of Technology
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Optimizing Workflows with Case-based Reasoning

Master Thesis
Workflow Management is used to automate business processes in different domains. Typically such automated processes are strongly structured, with clearly defined decision points. Process activities may be automated themselves, but manual tasks may be integrated also by letting users entering the state of an activity. Business Process Management advises to improve processes continuously. For improving a process a process manager has to define optimization goals such as higher quality, faster or cheaper execution or other criteria. For such an improvement, critical aspects of individual process invocations have to be stored. In this thesis, case-based reasoning shall be applied. Each process execution shall be stored as a case and for decision points in such a process, the user shall be supported by case-based reasoning. This approach shall be evaluated in a course on workflow management where the course itself is modelled as a process/workflow and participating students have to make certain decisions (such as selecting tools). The idea would be that students participating in the course next time can improve their decisions from experience from old cases.
Dorn, J.
Feb 2017