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A Taboo Search approach for solving Multi Constrained Team Orienteering Problem for application in touristic trip planning

K. Sylejmani, J. Dorn, N. Musliu
IEEE Computer Society
12th International Conference on HybridIntelligent Systems
300 - 305
Proceedings contribution
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Business Informatics
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Information and Communication Technology
ISBN: 978-1-4673-5114-0
The touristic trip planning problem can be <br> considered as a Multi Constrained Team Orienteering <br> Problem with Time Windows (MCTOPTW). The MCTOPTW <br> is characterized with a set of points of interest (POI), each <br> having a score, a time window and some attributes such as the <br> type or entry fee. The maximum number of POIs of certain <br> types that can be included into the itinerary is limited. A <br> tourist can visit the POIs during their respective time windows. <br> The objective is to visit the points that have the highest scores <br> during specified periods of time. This paper proposes a Tabu <br> Search approach for solving the MCTOPTW problem. To <br> explore the neighborhood the moves Insert, Replace and Swap <br> are applied. Additionally, the algorithm employs a tabu list, a <br> perturbation and a diversification mechanism. The algorithm <br> is evaluated on benchmark instances from the literature and its <br> performance is compared to the state of the art results.
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