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Vienna University of Technology
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Transformation from BPMN to JIRA

Master Thesis
BPMN 2.0 is a graphical as well as a formal XML representation for modelling business processes. Such business processes are typically strongly structured and can be automated partially. This automation is controlled by workflow management systems and the BPMN representation is used to specify these workflows.In project management and especially in the management of software projects also processes are formalized, but these are less structured. Therefore in project management no workflow management systems are applied. In many companies ticketing systems are used to control required activities and whole processes. JIRA is one of these ticketing systems used in many software development and other less formalized environments. Although tools for modeling processes in such an environment exists, for an organization that models both, the strongly structured and its less structured processes it would be beneficial if the processes controlled by a ticketing system can be modeled also with BPMN. A missing link is now the transformation of a BPMN model into the ticketing system. In this thesis the possibilities as well as the restrictions for such a mapping shall be analyzed and a prototype shall be developed that transforms BPMN 2.0 processes into JIRA processes. A scenario for such an environment shall be developed to evaluate the approach.
Dorn, J.
Feb 2017