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188/4 Electronic Commerce Group

E-Business and E-Commerce include, besides other influencing domains, rapid changes to economic and social processes. For this reason, the E-Commerce group pursues taking an encompassing view at such processes reaching from analyzing enterprises and their respective processes to evaluating the entire market, as well as is active in creating ideas and solutions for meeting the demands of the respective stakeholders.

Overall, the E-Commerce group performs research and creates solutions in the Business-2-Business (B2B) and Business-2-Consumer (B2C) domains. In the B2B domain, the group focuses on (i) business (process) modeling and definition and consequently the specification and implementation of e-business systems while considering and contributing to semantic web research and service-oriented architectures, (ii) ontology engineering and information integration, (iii) "Web Science" focusing on network analysis and content as well as text mining. In the B2C domain, the E-Commerce group performs research targeting (i) visual interaction paradigms as well as (ii) mobile applications. Thereby, our group focuses especially on the development and application of our research in the area of e-tourism and its mobile applications.

Parts of the EC group are working on systems based research, namely on virtualized HPC systems, massive-scale data analytics and energy efficient ultra-scale distributed systems. Our goal thereby is to develop speculative methodologies and techniques to allocate resources in an energy efficient way, but at the same time meet requirements of the end users, like the certain latency of the applications. Our approaches are evaluated quantitatively on different scales by simulations, benchmarks or on experimental clusters. We strive to develop generic methods and methodologies but we let our research be inspired by a set of real world applications from different domains like life science (e.g., DNA sequencing) or social media (e.g., Facebook size data centers).

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Social Network Analysis course by Noshir Contractor

Noshir Contractor will give a course on Social Network Analysis at Vienna University of Technology in June. Noshir Contractor is Professor for Behavioral Sciences at Northwestern University, USA and has also a strong technical background. He is one of the leading and most renowned researchers in this field. In 2013 our colleague Julia Neidhardt spent several months as a visiting scholar in his lab.

The course will take place full-day on June 8th, 9th, and 10th. Noshir Contractor is invited by the Vienna PhD school of informatics and the course is open to interested PhD and master students. Further information can be found in TISS.

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Siegfried Mattl (1954-2015)

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our dear friend and collaborator Siegi Mattl, the head of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for History and Society. In the last decades, the Web has also changed how research in the humanities and the social sciences is done. Siegi, who was a progressive and visionary scientist, was aware of this much earlier than many others. Critically reflecting, he actively shaped and designed the research approach in the field humanities. This led to interesting interdisciplinary collaborations, also with our research group. Our last common project, the Vienna Summer School on Digital Humanities, will take place in July this year. Siegi, we will miss you!
Article about Siegfried Mattl at http://derstandard.at/2000014895772/Historiker-Siegfried-Mattl-gestorben.

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New secretary at the EC group

We are happy to introduce our new secretary Stephanie Wogowitsch who has recently joined the EC group.

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Vienna Summer School on Digital Humanities, July 6-10, 2015

In cooperation with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for History and Society, the EC group is hosting the Vienna Summer School on Digital Humanities from July 6 to July 10, 2015. The purpose of this event is to discuss the possibilities of computer science-based research methods such as text mining, social network analysis, information visualization and visual analytics in the Digital Humanities. A high-ranking international faculty with a variety of disciplinary and methodological backgrounds will present these topics. The Summer School is targeting PhD students from humanities and the social sciences and is funded by the WWTF. The Call for Applications and further information can be found at http://www.ec.tuwien.ac.at/summerschool2015/application/

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Prof. Hannes Werthner in the media

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Open position "Assistant Researcher"

Open position as "assistant researcher" (25 hours per week) at the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems, working group Electronic Commerce, starting approximately 15 June 2015 for four years. The monthly gross salary is EUR 1.664,30 (14x per year).

Condition of admission: finished master or diploma study in Computer Science or Business Informatics or similar disciplines like Mathematics or Statistics (in Austria or abroad).

We are looking for a young researcher, aiming at a PhD, in the e-commerce areas recommender systems and network analysis or modelling / analysis of business processes and Services.

The candidate will participate in teaching and administrative activities, and he/she is fluent in both English and German and interested in scientific work.

Closing date: 27 May 2015

Application to
Fachbereich wiss. Personal der TU Wien
Karlsplatz 13
1040 Wien, Austria

or via e-mail to susanne.pietsch-brousek@tuwien.ac.at, with the usual documents.

Link to the official job announcement at TU Wien: https://tiss.tuwien.ac.at/mbl/blatt_struktur/anzeigen/10202#p95.3

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Hannes Werthner Tourism and Technology Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

At the ENTER conference on IT and Tourism in Lugano, Switzerland, the Hannes Werthner Tourism and Technology Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Prof. Josef Mazanec, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.

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Interdisciplinary Summer School on Digital Humanities in Vienna

Together with the EC Group, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for History and Society is organizing an international summer school on digital humanities. Main focus of this summer school are computational, statistical and mathematical methods that are applied in context of digital humanities including social network analysis, text and opinion mining, and visual analytics. These methods will be introduced by international renowned scientists from universities all over the world (i.e., Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany and the US). The summer school, which is funded by the WWTF, is targeting PhD students from humanities and the social sciences and is going to take place in Vienna at the beginning of July. Further details to be announced soon!

On the picture EC group member Julia Neidhardt answering questions by Corinna Milborn about the summer school (WWTF event "Public Spaces in Transition" at the Schauspielhaus Wien on February 16, 2015).

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Student Volunteers @ Conference on Recommender Systems 2015

The Electronic Commerce Group organizes the 9th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys2015) which will be held from September 16-20, 2015 in Vienna, Austria. RecSys is the premier international forum for the presentation of new research results, systems and techniques in the broad field of recommender systems.

For this conference, we invite you to apply for being a Student Volunteer @ RecSys2015. We would also be happy if you encourage your colleges to apply! For further information, please see the document Volunteers @ RecSys2015.

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i²c StartAcademy (February 17-20, 2015)

The Informatics Innovation Center offers a new service for members of all faculties of TU Vienna:

       The i2c StartAcademy taking place February 17-20, 2015

In this 4-day workshop participants go through a number of crucial steps to evaluate their PhD, R&D or other projects results for their potential for a successful business venture.

The first three and a half days will be intense work with inter-/national trainers and founders /and or business angels working on the individual business model while the second half of the fourth day is designed as a network event where you can pitch your projects to potential investors and/or interested stakeholders.

The i²c StartAcademy offers...

  • a discussion of the project´s potential (PhD thesis, funded research project results, other ideas and projects)
  • mentoring and practical advice from inter-/national trainers and founders
  • methods and tools to set up a business model and finance scheme
  • an open and collaborative atmosphere – participation is limited to a maximum of 10 projects (2-3 team members per project)
  • marketing advise & pitch training
  • sustainable service through an online mentoring program (for the time after the workshop)
  • access to the founders and investors network around the i²c and Austrian Startup community

Details on the upcoming i²c StartAcademy:

  • February 17 - 20, 2015
  • Prechtlsaal, TU Vienna, Karlsplatz 13
  • Submission deadline: MO, January 19, 2015
  • Abstract describing the project and your expectations on the workshop
  • Jury (i²c Board Members, TU, and external experts) will select/review applicants
  • Slides i²c StartAcademy (in German) available on the i²c website

More details (in English) can be found here.

Note: Although the i²c StartAcademy is offered by the Informatics Innovation Center of the Faculty of Informatics, some of the i²c StartAcademy places are also available for other faculties of TU Vienna.

Please, help spreading the word and inform your research assistants and colleagues about this unique opportunity.