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188/4 Electronic Commerce Group

E-Business and E-Commerce include, besides other influencing domains, rapid changes to economic and social processes. For this reason, the E-Commerce group pursues taking an encompassing view at such processes reaching from analyzing enterprises and their respective processes to evaluating the entire market, as well as is active in creating ideas and solutions for meeting the demands of the respective stakeholders.

Overall, the E-Commerce group performs research and creates solutions in the Business-2-Business (B2B) and Business-2-Consumer (B2C) domains. In the B2B domain, the group focuses on (i) business (process) modeling and definition and consequently the specification and implementation of e-business systems while considering and contributing to semantic web research and service-oriented architectures, (ii) ontology engineering and information integration, (iii) "Web Science" focusing on network analysis and content as well as text mining. In the B2C domain, the E-Commerce group performs research targeting (i) visual interaction paradigms as well as (ii) mobile applications. Thereby, our group focuses especially on the development and application of our research in the area of e-tourism and its mobile applications.

Parts of the EC group are working on systems based research, namely on virtualized HPC systems, massive-scale data analytics and energy efficient ultra-scale distributed systems. Our goal thereby is to develop speculative methodologies and techniques to allocate resources in an energy efficient way, but at the same time meet requirements of the end users, like the certain latency of the applications. Our approaches are evaluated quantitatively on different scales by simulations, benchmarks or on experimental clusters. We strive to develop generic methods and methodologies but we let our research be inspired by a set of real world applications from different domains like life science (e.g., DNA sequencing) or social media (e.g., Facebook size data centers).

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Application open for the Innovation Curriculum

Ever considered starting your own business?
Diploma Supplement on !NNOVATION

In the Curriculum you will …

- generate & shape your own startup idea
(business model, marketing, sales, legal background…)

- get trained in pitching for investment

- implement the „lessons learned” (semester 1 + 2) in your own startup idea (semester 3)

- have access to our inter-/national network/potential investors

- be supported & coached by inter-/national ICT pioneers

- It takes 3 semesters

- It always starts with the summer term

- the next class starts in March 2015

- Is worth 30 ECTS

- Is taught in English

Further Information Event
November 5th, 2014, 5pm, Seminar Room Zemanek

Application Deadline
November 24th, 2014

More Details on Application Criteria & Contact

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Offered Courses for the Master's program "Business Informatics"

We offer the following modules in SBI - Specialization Track Business Informatics:

Module SBI/EC1 - Services and Communities (6 ECTS)
188.956 VU Social Media (3 ECTS) - in the Winter term, see TISS
188.928 VU Service Design, Management and Composition (3 ECTS) - offered in the Summer term

Module SBI/EC2 - Web: Analysis and Search (6 ECTS)
188.921 VU Web Science (3 ECTS) - in the Winter term, see TISS
188.484 VU Information Search on the Internet (3 ECTS) - offered in the Summer term

To see the full list of courses offered by the E-Commerce group please visit Teaching. The list of available Master theses is provided here.

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New special issue published - "A Roadmap for Business Informatics"

Birgit Hofreiter co-edited a special issue of the journal "Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures" on "A Roadmap for Business Informatics".

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Interview with IFITT

Prof. Hannes Werthner has given an online interview to IFITT.
Please follow the link to watch.

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Open position

We look for a student with MSc (or equal) in Informatics or Business Informatics who is interested to pursue a PhD in the area of Digital humanities - comparative analysis of letters, amateur videos and selfies. Knowledge of German is required. The work will be conducted in cooperation with two PhD students from the area of Humanities.

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Jan Mendling "Three Research Perspectives on Business Process Management"

The E-Commerce Group invites together with the Faculty of Informatics to the talk "Three Research Perspectives on Business Process Management" by Prof. Dr. Jan Mendling from Institute for Information Business at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien.

When? June 17, 2014, 17:00-19:00
Where? TU Vienna, Favoritenstrasse 9-11, 1040 Vienna
Lecture room Gödel, ground floor



Business process management is an area of research that integrates computer science,
information systems research, operations management and management science.
This richness of perspectives is a benefit and a burden at the same time.
This talk introduces an integrated view of business process management and investigates
which research perspectives are fruitful to investigate particular facets.
For each of the three identified perspectives, we point to established research standards
that help to organize and position one’s own research paper in the area of business process management.


Prof. Dr. Jan Mendling is a Full Professor and head of the Institute for Information Business at
Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (WU Vienna), Austria. His research areas include Business Process Management,
Conceptual Modelling and Enterprise Systems. He has published more than 200 research papers and articles,
among others in ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology,
IEEE Transaction on Software Engineering, Information Systems, Data & Knowledge Engineering, and Decision Support Systems.
He is member of the editorial board of three international journals, one of the founders of the Berlin BPM Community of Practice
(http://www.bpmb.de), organizer of several academic events on process management,
and member of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining.
His Ph.D. thesis has won the Heinz-Zemanek-Award of the Austrian Computer Society and the German Targion-Award for dissertations
in the area of strategic information management.


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PhD defense

We are happy to announce that Robert Engel has successfully defended his PhD on Friday, 11.04.2014.

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Social Media Monitoring

Thursday 22nd May, Jürgen Dorn is participating in a discussion with experts from business about social media monitoring. This event is organized by APA-E-Business-Community at 7.30 pm, Haus der Musik, Seilerstätte 30, 1010 Wien (see also http://www.informatik.tuwien.ac.at/aktuelles/838).

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New Master Thesis topic offered by Hannes Werthner

Electronic Data Interchange based on standardized business documents has been available for decades. For specifying the syntax and partially the semantics of electronic business documents different transfer syntaxes are available, such as EDIFACT or XML-based standards. Nevertheless, further research is required for enabling seamless interoperability, automated information exchange as well as automated information processing. Recently an approach summarized under the umbrella of schema.org has been defined. The idea of schema.org is to provide standardized semantic annotations which allow augmenting structured business documents with additional semantic information. The annotations are used by major search engine provides such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others. The task of this masters thesis is to investigate the underlying concepts of schema.org as well as to create an prototypical implementation for demonstrating the cutting-edge capabilities of schema.org.
Co-supervisor: Dr. Christian Pichler.

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Mining and Analysis of EDI-Supported Inter-organizational Business Processes

PhD defense by Robert Engel
Friday, 11.04.2014, 3pm, Meeting room of the Dean’s Office

Please find the abstract here.
Senate: Univ.-Prof. Fitzpatrick PhD (Vorsitz); Univ.-Prof.Dr. Werthner; Prof.Dr.ir. van der Aalst (Eindhoven University of Technology).