Technology and Tourism - A Challenging Relationship

Information Technology and Tourism examines the interdependence between current trends in tourism and recent developments

in information and communication technology from a managerial perspective. Over the passed decades, the travel and tourism sector

has emerged into one of the most important sectors for developing as well as developed countries. Information systems in tourism,

such as computer reservation systems, yield management systems, and tourism marketing systems, have been among the pioneers

of leading edge technology applications and have driven the development dynamics of tourism services. Tourism is regarded as one of

the most successful applications of electronic commerce. Based on an overview of the tourism industry, recent developments in information

and communication technology and strategic management, this volume focuses on changes along the entire tourism value chain including

the customer and addresses central topics such as i) tourism in a digital or network economy, ii) technological, strategic and organizational

dimensions of electronic commerce applications, and iii) emerging structures and success factors in the electronic market space.


Several case studies illustrate the strategies of different players in the industry, highlight structural changes and indicate future trends.

Extensive references provide a comprehensive coverage of the literature in tourism information systems.

published at Spinger Verlag, 1999. To be ordered at the Springer Web Site.


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