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dieter merkl

electronic commerce group
institut für information systems engineering
fakultät für informatik
technische universität wien
favoritenstrasse 9-11/194
a-1040 wien, austria

contact information



hb 02 20 (violet)
phone +43 1 58801 18852
phone (secr) +43 1 58801 18801
fax +43 1 58801 18899
email dieter.merkl AT ec.tuwien.ac.at
url http://www.ec.tuwien.ac.at/~dieter
consultation by appointment

some readings

macht studieren dumm?, die zeit, 23.4.2009 (online)
das ist universität im besten sinn, die zeit, 5.11.2009 (online)
warum die uni brennt, die zeit, 5.11.2009 (online)
nieder mit bologna!, die zeit, 27.11.2009 (online)
long live the web, scientific american, 22.11.2010 (online)
the value of higher education made literal, new york times, 13.12.2010 (online)
napster, udacity, and the academy, clay shirky, 12.11.2012 (oline)

some watchings

defend our freedom to share (or why SOPA is a bad idea), clay shirky, ted, january 2012 (online)
how the internet will (one day) transform government, clay shirky, ted, june 2012 (online)

conclusions (some more?)