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188/4 Electronic Commerce Group

E-Business and E-Commerce include, besides other influencing domains, rapid changes to economic and social processes. For this reason, the E-Commerce group pursues taking an encompassing view at such processes reaching from analyzing enterprises and their respective processes to evaluating the entire market, as well as is active in creating ideas and solutions for meeting the demands of the respective stakeholders.

Overall, the E-Commerce group performs research and creates solutions in the Business-2-Business (B2B) and Business-2-Consumer (B2C) domains. In the B2B domain, the group focuses on (i) business (process) modeling and definition and consequently the specification and implementation of e-business systems while considering and contributing to semantic web research and service-oriented architectures, (ii) ontology engineering and information integration, (iii) "Web Science" focusing on network analysis and content as well as text mining. In the B2C domain, the E-Commerce group performs research targeting (i) visual interaction paradigms as well as (ii) mobile applications. Thereby, our group focuses especially on the development and application of our research in the area of e-tourism and its mobile applications.

Parts of the EC group are working on systems based research, namely on virtualized HPC systems, massive-scale data analytics and energy efficient ultra-scale distributed systems. Our goal thereby is to develop speculative methodologies and techniques to allocate resources in an energy efficient way, but at the same time meet requirements of the end users, like the certain latency of the applications. Our approaches are evaluated quantitatively on different scales by simulations, benchmarks or on experimental clusters. We strive to develop generic methods and methodologies but we let our research be inspired by a set of real world applications from different domains like life science (e.g., DNA sequencing) or social media (e.g., Facebook size data centers).

Open position for Master student at EC group (20 hours per week)

There is an open position in the EC group within the research project GraDAna. We encourage master students who are interested to send their applications to Prof. Brandic. Please find the job ad with further details attached to this post.


EC group at RecSys17 Summer School and RecSys17 Conference

The EC group is strongly represented at the ACM Summer School on Recommender Systems, the pre-program to this year’s RecSys Conference from 21-25 August in Bolzano, Italy, with Julia Neidhardt, Amra Delic, Carine Mukamakuza, Mubashra Akhtar and Taghrid Elashkr attending.
Subsequent to the summer school, Julia Neidhardt is attending RecSys17, the 11th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems, from 27-31 August in Como, Italy, where she is again co-organizing RecTour (Workshop on Recommenders in Tourism), held in conjunction with the conference. She is being joined by Mubashra Akhtar and Taghrid Elashkr, who were awarded a grant for talented master students for attending a scientific conference by the Faculty of Informatics.

Deadline extended: CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue of JITT on Recommender Systems in Tourism

Julia Neidhardt is one of the guest editors of the Special Issue on Recommender Systems in Tourism of the Journal of Information Technology & Tourism (JITT).

Papers are required no later than May 31st, 2017.
Notification of outcome will be provided by July 15th, 2017.
Revised papers should be submitted by September 1st, 2017.

Please find the Call for Papers as PDF attachment to this news entry.

RecTour 2017 - Workshop on Recommenders in Tourism at ACM RecSys 2017 (co-organised by EC-Group)

The EC group co-organises the workshop RecTour 2017 that is held in conjunction with the 11th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems in Como, Italy, that takes place from August 27th to August 31st, 2017. It will be held as a one day workshop.

This workshop addresses specific challenges for recommender systems in the tourism domain. Planning a vacation usually involves searching for a set of products that are interconnected (e.g., transportation, lodging, attractions) with limited availability, and where contextual aspects may have a major impact (e.g., spatiotemporal context). RecTour 2017 aims at attracting presentations of novel ideas in order to advance the current state of the art in the field of tourism recommenders; topics include specific applications and case studies (evaluation), specific methods and techniques, context and mobility, the cold-start problem, preference elicitation, and emotions and recommenders. Researchers and practitioners from different fields are invited to submit research and position papers as well as demonstration systems.

Please find the Call for Papers here.

Submission Process:
Submission deadline: June 22nd, 2017
Notification: July 13th, 2017
Camera-ready deadline: July 31st, 2017

Deadlines refer to 11:59pm (Anywhere on Earth).

Julia Neidhardt, TU Wien, Austria
Daniel Fesenmaier, University of Florida, USA
Tsvi Kuflik, The University of Haifa, Israel
Wolfgang Wörndl, TU München, Germany

Contact: rectour2017 [at] ec.tuwien.ac.at

Topics for diploma thesis: Social Media-based Arrival Prediction

In order to promote a tourism destination, it is crucial to target potential travellers at the right time, i.e., when they are in an early phase of their decision making process. However, typically the tourists’ interests not only vary seasonally but also among different countries of origin. In this master thesis, online sources such as travel platforms, social media channels or blogs will be analysed to find out when travellers of different countries start planning their visit to Austria. Based on the results of this analysis a model will be developed that predicts the number of arrivals at some specific Austrian tourism destinations. Here statistical methods and machine learning techniques will be applied. For this master thesis a part-time employment within a project of TU Wien and Österreich Werbung (ÖW) can be offered.

Within this area, those two topics have already been assigned:
- Recommender System of Mobile Services
- Personalized destination recommendations using machine learning techniques

This master thesis will be supervised by Prof. Hannes Werthner and Dr. Julia Neidhardt.

Interview with Julia Neidhardt at APA OTSconnect

Julia Neidhardt was interviewed at this APA OTSconnect event. The topic of the event was “Was hilft gegen Echokammer und Filterblasen?".

A summary of the interview is available at this link.

Julia Neidhardt @ APA OTSconnect

Keynote by Prof. Werthner at RecTour 2016 (in conjunction with RecSys 2016 in Boston)

The keynote at the RecSys2016 workshop RecTour 2016 (as announced in this news-section) was held by Prof. Werthner. For more information, please click here.

Welcome.TU.code in the Communications of the ACM

The role of universities and of computer science in the European crises of refugees is discussed in an article in the October issue of the Communications of the ACM. The accompanying video addresses particularly the project Welcome.TU.code, which was co-initiated by Prof. Hannes Werthner, the head of the EC group.

EC group strongly present at RecSys 2016

The head of the EC group Prof. Hannes Werthner and EC group members Julia Neidhardt and Amra Delic had a number of contributions at this year’s 10th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys), which took place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA, USA from September 15th to September 19th 2016. The Workshop on Recommenders in Tourism at RecSys was co-organized by Julia Neidhardt. At this workshop, Prof. Hannes Werthner gave a keynote presentation on E-tourism: History and Challenges and participated in a panel discussion on Specific challenges for recommender systems in the tourism domain. Furthermore, two papers on group recommender systems were presented by Amra Delic: the conference paper Observing Group Decision Making Processes (co-authored by Amra Delic, Julia Neidhardt, Thuy Ngoc Nguyen, Francesco Ricci, Laurens Rook, Hannes Werthner, and Markus Zanker) and the workshop paper Research Methods for Group Recommender Systems (co-authored by Amra Delic, Julia Neidhardt, Thuy Ngoc Nguyen and Francesco Ricci). Last year this conference, which is the most renowned conference in the area of recommender systems, was hosted by the EC group at TU Wien.

Cooperation with Pixtri: Find your dream destination with Pixmeaway

And article about the cooperation between members of our EC group and Pixtri OG has been published by TU Wien. Click here to read the article.