Please note that phone numbers given are just university-internal extension numbers, for calls from outside of the university, please call +43 (1) 588 01 - X (replace X by the five or six digit extension number given below).

Name Email Phone Room
Werthner, Hannes
Leiter 18880 HC 02 01
Name Email Phone Room
Wogowitsch, Stephanie
Sekretariat 18808 HC0211
Name Email Phone Room
Brandic, Ivona
Univ.Professorin 188761 HC0205
Delic, Amra
Assistentin 188304
Dorn, Jürgen
Univ.Dozent 18809 HB0214
Hanbury, Allan
Univ.Professor 188310 HG0109
Merkl, Wolfdieter
Univ.Dozent 18852 HB0220
Neidhardt, Julia
Assistant 188300 HC 02 04
Sacharidis, Dimitrios
Assistent 18822 HB0218
Project Assistent
Name Email Phone Room
Akhtar, Mubashara
Weitere Mitarbeiterin 188306
Aral, Atakan
Postdoctoral Researcher 188734 HB0204
Bajic, Fani
Projektassistentin (FWF) 188736
De Maio, Vincenzo
Projektassistent (FWF) 188737 HB 02 04
Lujic, Ivan
Projektassistent (FWF) 188735 HB0206
Zilic, Josip
Projektassistent 194403 HB0206
Zlabinger, Markus
System Administration
Name Email Phone Room
Elashkr, Taghrid
Krajiczek, Martin Peter
allgem.Univ.Bediensteter 18885 HE0124
Perera, Malinda Prasanjith
Schirmer, Maximilian
Sertkan, Mete
Projekt Mitarbeiter
Former Member
Name Email Phone Room
Engel, Robert
Former Member
Goldfarb, Doron
Former Member
Grün, Christoph
Former Member
Hochmeister, Martin
Former Member
Lucanin, Drazen
Former Member
Mastelic, Toni
Former Member
Rümmele, Nataliia
Former Member
Salamon, Gudrun
University Lecturer
Schuster, Rainer
Former Member