Extending Flexibility in Course Management by explicite Reasoning about Competences

Master Thesis
Jürgen Dorn
Today courses at university are typically organized as fixed sequence of units and tasks to be solved by learners. Learners have to solve these tasks, perhaps make a final examination and then it is expected that the learners have those competences that shall be achieved by the course. Often there are different learning paths possible to reach these learning outcomes (competences). By explicite representation of and reasoning about learning outcomes of certain parts of a course we would be able to use alternative learning objects. A learner may select a learning object based on her/his preferences to reach a given learning outcome. In this thesis the course on workflow management and process management (VU 188.924) shall be used as an example to disassemble the course content based on thorough analysis of required competences in this area. One potential competence would be "modelling of business processes". On one side a learner should have theoretical knowledge about this topic and on the other side the learner should have certain amount of practical experience to model business processes. Different tools exists here to obtain the experience and thus the experience could be gained in different ways. Also for the theoretical knowledge the learner could go to the lecture or read any written text. Based on the Drupal content management system a course management system shall be developed where a learner sees the different options, select an option and proves somehow that s/he has gained the expected competences.