Focus: Energy, Mobility and Environment : Resilience - understanding, strategies, projects

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Rudolf Giffinger
Brigitte Bach
Arthur Kanonier
Helmut Rechberger
Reinhard Haas
Amela Ajanovic
Tanja Tötzer
Reinhard König
Ivona Brandic
Alberto Viglione
Wouter Arnoud Dorigo

The students will know about the characteristics of climate change, its importance for new challenges of urban and regional development and get insight into selected concepts and strategies as well as instruments and projects strengthening resilience. 
Ring-Lecture: Specific topics will be presented by experts from different disciplines of AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology) and TU Wien (different Faculties). Presented topics will be discussed in open sessions.


Draft title of presentations:
1. session: Kick-OffIntroduction: overview and motivation, presentation of a new research topic (basic understanding) at TUW in collaboration with AIT    Rudolf Giffinger, TU Wien / Brigitte Bach, AIT 15.3.          Zeichensaal Panigl EG (AFEG22)
2. session: Foundations of Climate Change (CC) and Vulnerability and Urban ResilienceTanja Tötzer, AIT / Brigitte Bach, AIT / Rudolf Giffinger, TU Wien 22.3.          Zeichensaal Panigl EG (AFEG22)
3. session:Natural hazards in spatial planningArthur Kanonier, TU WienObserving Climate Change Impacts from SpaceWouter Dorigo, TU Wien 12.4.          Zeichensaal Panigl EG (AFEG22)
4. session: Vulnerability and resilience concepts in Water and Resource ManagementAlberto Viglione, TU WienVulnerability and resilience considerations exemplified for the Austrian Phosphorus use.Helmut Rechberger, TU Wien: 19.4.          Zeichensaal Panigl EG (AFEG22)
5. session:      Feminist Urbanism, Feminist Architecture and Feminist and Postcolonial Perspectives on the global policy discourse on resilience Sabine Knierbein, TU Wien, Judith Lehner, TU Wien und Elena Mitrenova (extern)26.4.         
6. session:Digital planning tools for designing urban resilient transformationReinhard König, AITgeo-temporal conditions for energy efficient data centersIvona Brandić, TU Wien 3.5.            Zeichensaal Panigl EG (AFEG22)
7. session: Resilience and sustainable energy pathwaysBrigitte Bach, AIT / Reinhard Haas, TU Wien / Amela Ajanovic, TU Wien 17.5.         Zeichensaal 13 (AC0144)
 8. session: written Examination 21.6.    Zeichensaal Panigl EG (AFEG22) Brigitte Bach, Rudolf Giffinger


<p>written examination&nbsp;<br>Exam: end of May:&nbsp;<strong>21.6.</strong></p>