Selected Courses in the Winter Term

Lectures covering hot topics like Web Science, Search Engines and E-Commerce

188.921 Web Science
Aim of course: This course provides insights into the structural analysis of social and information networks, particularly the World Wide Web. The participants will gain basic knowledge about network analysis methods and tools as well as their theoretical foundations.

Subject of course: Topics, which are covered, include basic concepts in graph theory, important measures and metrics in network theory, community detection, social network analysis, the small-world experiment, the structure of the World Wide Web, the large-scale structure of networks, and processes on networks.

188.484 Information Search on the Internet
Aim of course: Design and functionality of Internet search engines

Subject of course: Information Retrieval Basics, Anatomy of Web Search Engines, Search Engine Optimization, Recommender Systems, Sociosemantic Web

188.427 E-Commerce
Aim of course: The lecture treats e-commerce both from a conceptional as well as technical point of view. And it deals with the planing, development and impact of e-commerce applications (on a micro as well as macro level)

Subject of course: After an introduction (to Information Society, Diffusion aspects and also Web science), the lecture deals with enterprise and governance related issues (such as IT and organization; competition and strategy; e-marketing and pricing; search, personalization and recommender systems; and Evaluation /benchmarking), Business Models, Market and networks (Inter-organizational systems; Markets, hierarchies and networks; Transactions; Communities; Auctions; and the role of intermediaries) and mobile commerce

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