Topics for diploma thesis: Social Media-based Arrival Prediction

In order to promote a tourism destination, it is crucial to target potential travellers at the right time, i.e., when they are in an early phase of their decision making process. However, typically the tourists’ interests not only vary seasonally but also among different countries of origin. In this master thesis, online sources such as travel platforms, social media channels or blogs will be analysed to find out when travellers of different countries start planning their visit to Austria. Based on the results of this analysis a model will be developed that predicts the number of arrivals at some specific Austrian tourism destinations. Here statistical methods and machine learning techniques will be applied. For this master thesis a part-time employment within a project of TU Wien and Österreich Werbung (ÖW) can be offered.

Within this area, those two topics have already been assigned:
- Recommender System of Mobile Services
- Personalized destination recommendations using machine learning techniques

This master thesis will be supervised by Prof. Hannes Werthner and Dr. Julia Neidhardt.