Digital Humanism: Informatics in Times of COVID-19 - Online Workshop on 14 May 2020

In addition to the physical workshop 2020 Vienna Workshop on Digital Humanism taking place in November, we will host a new online event on 14 May 2020 at 14.00 (Central European Summer Time) with the topic “Digital Humanism: Informatics in Times of COVID-19”. The duration of the event will be around 3 hours, with 6-7 speakers. The technical setting will be communicated soon.

Why this event?
Informatics and IT in general provide the basic infrastructure to keep the world running (home office, distant learning, communications, information sharing, etc.). Imagine our world without IT – it would not work. In addition, Informatics is also essential in current corona-related research, e.g. in pharmaceutical research, in forecasting virus spreading, or evaluating economic measures.

What’s more, the corona virus has almost completely moved us into the online world within a few days only. We are experiencing a real life experiment: a digital transformation of our society. This raises several issues related to our topic of Digital Humanism, the relationship of Informatics and society. At the event, we want to discuss this accelerated transformation in its political, ethical, and social dimensions, but we also want to review the contribution of Informatics to managing the corona crisis, discuss the current urgent privacy issues, or look at structural changes at market levels (online platforms).

This event is supported by and co-organized with the Digital Enlightenment Forum Brussels, IEEE, Informatics Europe, the Vienna Science and Technology Fund WWTF, and TU Wien Informatics.