Experiment Design for Data Science

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Allan Hanbury
Peter Knees
Alexander Schindler

This course gives an introduction to data science. The emphasis is on strategies for the design of experiments, considering both workflow paradigms and aspects of reproducibility and traceability of solutions. Furthermore, knowledge about the lifecycle of data, from acquisition through processing and analysis to the long-term provision and reuse, is covered. Students are also introduced to the complex legal and ethical aspects of working with data.


The following topics are covered in the lectures:

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Data and the data lifecycle
  • Conceptual Experiment design
  • Workflow paradigms
  • Data management, reproducibilty and traceability
  • Experiment error analysis and statistical testing
  • Advanced experiment design

In addtion, two exercises will be done.
The effort breakdown is:
9 2-hour lectures: 18hExercise 1: 15hExercise 2 (incl presentation): 25hExam preparation: 16hExam: 1hSUM: 75h


Link to Lectures: https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/92384645850?pwd=dk8zSjM2UGEvQlIzUW1DQVNLYy8vQT09Zoom Meeting ID: 923 8464 5850 Password: 4G8NVs+=
(all online, via Zoom, Thu, 2-4pm c.t.)
BLOCK 18.10.2020 Introduction to data science - data science process -Hanbury15.10.2020 Data and the data lifecycle, ethical and legal aspects -HanburyBLOCK 222.10.2020 Conceptual Experiment Design 1: Planning and Execution of Experiments, hypotheses, Data collection -Knees
22.10.2020 Exercise 1 (individual) online: Design an experimental workflow for a given dataset                   Submission Deadline: 15.11.2020
29.10.2010 Conceptual Experiment Design 2: ML basics, Evaluation criteria -Knees
5.11.2020 Workflow paradigms and environments  -Schindler, KneesBLOCK 312.11.2020 Experiment Error Analysis and Statistical Testing 1 -Knees26.11.2020 Experiment Error Analysis and Statistical Testing 2 -Knees
26.11.2020 Exercise 2 (in groups) online: Reproduce experimental results from a paper                   Submission Deadline: 24.1.2021
10.12.2020 Reproducibility and traceability 1 -Rauber17.12.2020 Reproducibility and traceability 2 -Rauber
14.01.2021 Group Presentations of Exercise 2
21.01.2021 Written Exam (subject to change based on available lecture room capacity)
March 2021 Exam repeat
June 2021 Exam repeat


<p>2 Exercises, Exam</p>