Special Issue on "CEC 09"

Birgit Hofreiter
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ISSN: 1863-2394
The 11th IEEE Conference on Commerce and Enterprise<br> Computing (CEC´09) was held in Vienna, Austria from<br> July 20th to 23rd 2009. This conference is the result of<br> a merger of the two annual flagship conferences of the<br> IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on E-Commerce:<br> the IEEE Conference on E-Commerce Technology<br> (CEC) and the IEEE Conference on Enterprise Computing,<br> E-Commerce, and E-Services (EEE). Given its new title, the<br> conference provides a platform for researchers and practitioners<br> interested in theory and practice of technologies to be<br> used in E-Commerce and Enterprise Computing.<br> CEC covers diverse research areas including Commerce<br> and Business Systems Architecture, Electronic Commerce<br> Technologies, Business Process Management, Business<br> Intelligence, Business Services, Semantic Web and Ontological<br> Engineering, Security and Trust, Mobile Business<br> Applications, Social Networks, E-Government, and Human<br> Computer Interaction. Researchers presented and discussed<br> key technical and economic problems, challenges, trends and<br> requirements in the E-Commerce and Enterprise Computing<br> fields.<br> This special issue of the SOCA journal can be regarded as<br> an extended forum for the CEC conference. CEC´09 had 115<br> submissions of which 22 regular papers were accepted. The<br> best paper nominees were invited to submit an extended version<br> of their conference papers. All submissions have gone<br> through an additional reviewcycle by reviewers of the SOCA<br> journal. Out of these submissions, five papers were selected<br> and are presented in this special issue.
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B. Hofreiter:
"Special Issue on "CEC 09"";
in Buchreihe "Journal on Service Oriented Computing and Applications (SOCA)", Buchreihen-Herausgeber: K. Lin, J. Chung; Springer LNCS, 2010, ISSN: 1863-2394.

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