Enhancing Electronic Markets for Industrial Services by Trust Features

Wolfgang Bauer
Jürgen Dorn
Book Contribution
Trust in B-to-B contexts: antecedents, processes, and consequences
Emerald Publishing
The level of trust in a service provider is an important decision factor when buying industrial services. Especially, the outcome uncertainties of services, its´ individuality and asymmetric information between buyer and seller are some reasons that the evaluation of trust is a key component in service trading. Consequently, searching of potential new suppliers involves the examination of providers' trustworthiness. Additional, the importance of online marketplaces increased for searching of suppliers in a global environment, which needs to support this trust evaluation process by describing trust signals. <br> This paper focuses on the study of online trust signals used by buyers, to assess provider´s trustworthiness in the context of industrial services. Main research objective is to propose the basis for a digital tool, which helps buyers to assess provider´s trustworthiness by providing a "standardized trustworthiness signal description" and "trust functionalities". A particular approach is used, different methods are mixed such as a case study, expert interviews and a quantitative method following the guideline of the design science paradigm. The aim is to propose a useful tool for trustworthiness assessment to enhance e-markets for industrial services.
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Information and Communication Technology

W. Bauer, J. Dorn:
"Enhancing Electronic Markets for Industrial Services by Trust Features";
in: "Trust in B-to-B contexts: antecedents, processes, and consequences", Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing (ABMP); H Akrout, K Raies (Hrg.); Emerald Publishing, Bingley, West Yorkshire, 2018.

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W. Bauer, J. Dorn