Meta-search in Human Resource Management

Jürgen Dorn
Tabbasum Naz
Speech with proceedings
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Knowledge Systems
In the area of Human Resource Management, the <br> trend is towards online exchange of information about human <br> resources. For example, online applications for employment become <br> standard and job offerings are posted in many job portals. However, <br> there are too many job portals to monitor all of them if someone is <br> interested in a new job. We developed a prototype for integrating <br> information of different job portals into one meta-search engine. <br> First, existing job portals were investigated and XML schema <br> documents were derived automated from these portals. Second, <br> translation rules for transforming each schema to a central HR-XML- <br> conform schema were determined. The HR-XML-schema is used to <br> build a form for searching jobs. The data supplied by a user in this <br> form is now translated into queries for the different job portals. Each <br> result obtained by a job portal is sent to the meta-search engine that <br> ranks the result of all received job offers according to user´s <br> preferences.example, the German Federal Employment Office (BA) has <br> launched a "Virtual Employment Market" platform in 2003 to <br> overcome the problems. <br> "The importance of the Internet for job procurement is <br> increasing for the reason that three quarters of the people in <br> the employment age are online." [4]. For a certain company, <br> publishing online their job offers is a sign of good economic <br> health, in that way e-recruitment becomes a sign of <br> institutional publicity and ever more companies are publishing <br> their job offers in the Web. Recruiters are interested to <br> automate the pre-selection of candidates and to decrease <br> transactions costs for publishing job postings and for pre- <br> selecting [5]. But still people are facing problems in searching
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J. Dorn, T. Naz:
"Meta-search in Human Resource Management";
Vortrag: 4th International Conference on Knowledge Systems, Bangkok, Thailand (eingeladen); 20.12.2007 - 22.12.2007; in: "Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Knowledge Systems", (2007).

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