Finished theses

Nikola Gospavic, Drupal 7 Module for Language Test, Bachelor Thesis, Oct 2020
Thomas Sonnleitner, Persistence of Workflow Control Data in Temporal Databases, Master Thesis, Oct 2019
Diana Toskova, An Ontology for Case-based Project Management, Master Thesis, Oct 2019
Nicolas Lett , Motivating users to quit smoking by means of social media, Master Thesis, May 2019
Ethesham-ul-haq Dar, Enhanced Methods of Job Offer Extraction from Web Using Crawler Automation, Doctoral Thesis, Apr 2018
Philipp Dressler, Relocation Strategies for Free-floating Carsharing Operators, Master Thesis, Mar 2018
Gregor Kastner, Evaluation of digital badges for knowledge exchange platforms, Master Thesis, Oct 2017
Georg Kotschy, Adaptive Case Management , Master Thesis, Oct 2017
Michael Bartsch, Reusable data tier in production planning, Master Thesis, Nov 2016
Daniel Rubas, The Virtual Community Evaluation Methodology, Master Thesis, Apr 2016
Edin Zildzo, Web Data Extraction of University Staff Competencies, Master Thesis, Oct 2015
Vigan Ramadani, Project Management with Case-based Reasoning, Master Thesis, Sep 2015
Robert Pitschadell, Fallbasiertes Schliessen für Projektmanagement, Master Thesis, Sep 2015
Rezaei Maryam, Social-Driven Location Sharing in Education, Master Thesis, May 2015
Lorena Patricia Nisperuza, Digital badges in education, Master Thesis, May 2015