Accepted Papers

List of accepted contributions for RecTour 2018.

Research Papers

  • Marie Al-Ghossein, Talel Abdessalem and Anthony Barré: Cross-Domain Recommendation in the Hotel Sector.
  • Catalin-Mihai Barbu and Jürgen Ziegler: Designing Interactive Visualizations of Personalized Review Data for a Hotel Recommender System.
  • Linus W. Dietz and Achim Weimert: Recommending Crowdsourced Travels on wOndary.
  • Daniel Herzog, Nikolaos Promponas-Kefalas and Wolfgang Wörndl: Integrating Public Displays into Tourist Trip Recommender Systems.
  • Koji Kawamata and Kenta Oku. Roadscape-based Route Recommender System using Coarse-to-fine Route Search.
  • Alejandro Mottini, Alix Lheritier, Rodrigo Acuna-Agost and Maria A. Zuluaga: Understanding Customer Choices to Improve Recommendations in the Travel Industry.

Position Papers

  • Öykü Kapcak, Simone Spagnoli, Vincent Robbemond, Soumitri Vadali, Shabnam Najafian and Nava Tintarev: TourExplain: A Crowdsourcing Pipeline for Generating Explanations for Groups of Tourists.
  • Pablo Sánchez and Alejandro Bellogin: Challenges on evaluating tourism recommenders: position paper.