Doron Goldfarb

Picture_GoldfarbDoron Goldfarb worked at the Vienna University of Technology as researcher for the Austrian Science Fund project “Virtual Social Experience Museum” seeking for new ways for art museums to communicate their collections to online audiences. As a project manager for the EU-FP7 project “DM2E” at the Austrian National Library he was later involved in an international endeavour to represent and make openly available scholarly manuscript content following Linked Open Data principles. As visiting researcher at the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History at the University of Texas at Dallas he then explored ways to utilize Wikidata, the new fact database for Wikipedia for the large-scale quantitative analysis of cultural developments.

Doron earned a Master’s degree in computer science at the Vienna University of Technology and is currently enrolled there in a doctorate program. Blending network analysis and data visualization, his current research interests deal with the exploration of cultural heritage datasets within the field of culturomics/cultural analytics, with a special focus on crowd-sourced data collections such as Wikipedia.

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