Current theses

Wolfgang Seiringer, Service-orientierte Analyse eines Zulieferers, Doctoral Thesis
Eva Schofnegger, Service Marketing mit Social Media, Master Thesis
Arno Ertl, Evaluation of Learning Styles, Master Thesis
Lucas Gerrand, Extraction of Competences from Stackoverflow, Master Thesis
Josef Kandlhofer, Secure Competence Management, Master Thesis
Florian Lechleitner, Collective Open Innovation in Tourist Destinations, Master Thesis
Florian Franz Lechleitner , Community-oriented Maturity Model for Innovation in Tourism, Master Thesis
Malinda Prasanjith Perera, Optimizing Workflows with Case-based Reasoning, Master Thesis
Matthias Winkelhofer, Transformation of Service Blueprints into BPMN, Master Thesis
Udo Kotzian, Transformation from BPMN to JIRA, Master Thesis
Markus Seebauer, Transformation BPMN2 nach JIRA, Bachelor Thesis
Philipp Klein, A Software Tool for Service Blueprints, Bachelor Thesis
Oleksandr Nidzvetskyi, Analysis of BPM2.0 Processes, Bachelor Thesis
Michael Alexander Schramm, Evaluation of Programming Competences, Bachelor Thesis
Alexander Tauterer, Social Competences in Project Management, Bachelor Thesis