Accepted Papers

Accepted Papers for RecTour2019

Long Papers

  • David Massimo and Francesco Ricci: Users’ Evaluation of Next-POI Recommendations [Paper] [Slides]
  • Eoin Thomas, Antonio Gonzalez Ferrer, Benoit Lardeux, Mourad Boudia, Christian Haas-Frangii and Rodrigo Acuna Agost: Cascaded Machine Learning Model for Efficient Hotel Recommendations from Air Travel Bookings [Paper] [Slides]

Short Papers

  • Linus W. Dietz, Saadi Myftija and Wolfgang Wörndl: Designing a Conversational Travel Recommender System Based on Data-Driven Destination Characterization [Paper] [Slides]
  • Pavlos Mitsoulis Ntompos, Meisam Hejazinia, Serena Zhang and Travis Brady: A Simple Deep Personalized Recommendation System [Paper] [Slides]
  • Leonhard Seyfang and Julia Neidhardt: A Framework for Recommender Systems Based on a Finite Multidimensional Model Space  [Paper] [Slides]
  • Sebastian Vallejos, Marcelo Gabriel Armentano and Luis Berdun: TourWithMe: Recommending peers to visit attractions together [Paper] [Slides]

Poster Papers

  • Ercan Ezin, Hugo Alcaraz-Herrera and Iván Palomares: Balancing Preferences, Popularity and Location in Context-Aware Restaurant Deal Recommendation: A Bristol Case Study [Paper] [Slides] [Poster]
  • Ramon Hermoso, Sergio Ilarri and Raquel Trillo-Lado: Re-CoSKQ: Towards POIs recommendation using collective spatial keyword queries [Paper] [Slides] [Poster]

Workshop Proceedings

The workshop proceedings have been published online by CEUR Workshop Proceedings (Vol-2435). They can also be downloaded here in a single PDF file (5.2 MB).